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Phat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Trophy Wife 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Trophy Wife 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Golden Pineapple 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Golden Pineapple 1g
Buddy Boy: Pre-roll, Blue Dream 1gBuddy Boy: Pre-roll, Blue Dream 1g
Buddy Boy: Pre-roll, Green Crack 1gBuddy Boy: Pre-roll, Green Crack 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Ghost OG 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Ghost OG 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Sherb Mintz 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Sherb Mintz 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Banana Cake 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Banana Cake 1g
Buddy Boy: Pre-roll, The Kraken 1gBuddy Boy: Pre-roll, The Kraken 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Kush Mintz 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Kush Mintz 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Papaya Cake 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Papaya Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Animal Punch 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Animal Punch 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Fresh Powder 1gRedbird: Pre-roll, Fresh Powder 1g
Buddy Boy: Pre-roll, Acapulco Gold 1gBuddy Boy: Pre-roll, Acapulco Gold 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), The Gorgon 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), The Gorgon 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Sugar Beary 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Sugar Beary 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Candy Chrome 1gRedbird: Pre-roll, Candy Chrome 1g
EXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Kimbo Kush 0.75gEXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Kimbo Kush 0.75g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Doughp 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Doughp 1g
Golden Tree: Pre-roll, Green Crack 0.5gGolden Tree: Pre-roll, Green Crack 0.5g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Grape Cake 1gRedbird: Pre-roll, Grape Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), MAC 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), MAC 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Crumbled Lime 1gRedbird: Pre-roll, Crumbled Lime 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll CBD, White Widow 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll CBD, White Widow 1g
EXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Sweet J 0.75gEXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Sweet J 0.75g
Hi Guys: Pre-roll, Northern Lights 1gHi Guys: Pre-roll, Northern Lights 1g
Walden: Pre-roll + Kief, Triple Diesel OG 0.5gWalden: Pre-roll + Kief, Triple Diesel OG 0.5g
Hi Guys: Pre-Roll, True OG 1gHi Guys: Pre-Roll, True OG 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Wine & Dine 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Wine & Dine 1g
Buddy Boy: Pre-roll, Tangie Muffin 1gBuddy Boy: Pre-roll, Tangie Muffin 1g
EXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Quantum Gandalf 0.75gEXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Quantum Gandalf 0.75g
House of Cultivar: Pre-roll, Wowzers 1gHouse of Cultivar: Pre-roll, Wowzers 1g
EXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Trippy Lemon 0.75gEXO: Pre-roll + Kief, Trippy Lemon 0.75g
Golden Tree: Pre-roll, XJ-13 0.5gGolden Tree: Pre-roll, XJ-13 0.5g
Redbird: Pre-Roll, Tropicanna Garlic 1gRedbird: Pre-Roll, Tropicanna Garlic 1g
Hitz: Pre-roll, Blackberry Kush 1gHitz: Pre-roll, Blackberry Kush 1g
Lifted: Pre-roll Luxury Line, Sugar Tax 1gLifted: Pre-roll Luxury Line, Sugar Tax 1g

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